National Student Exchange

The National Student Exchange is an exciting opportunity for 可靠的网赌平台 students.  With this program you would be able to apply for and attend another university in the consortium where you would be able to take courses 可靠的网赌平台 does not offer.  Another opportunity for you would be to access the study abroad program at another university so that you could study abroad.  Each university offers unique opportunities.  For instance, City University of New Jersey arranges for internships in New York City for its students.  You could apply to and attend that university for a semester or a year and access the internship program.  Other universities offer a variety of courses we do not offer and this could be of great interests to some of our students.

The program requires that you to choose between two plans.  Plan A means you would pay the tuition at the Host Institution.  Plan B, which we prefer, means you would pay 可靠的网赌平台 tuition and not the tuition of the Host Institution. But you would still have to pay for housing and travel at and to the Host University.  You would still get your financial aid from 可靠的网赌平台 even though you are attending another university.  Plan B sometimes limits the institutions you can be accepted into because most universities only accept as many Plan B students as they send out.  However, most universities accept all Plan A students.

Before you would leave, you would talk to Dr. Holly L Wilson as the National Student Exchange coordinator.  Then you would speak to your advisor about which university would be best and later when you are accepted into the university which happens in March, you would choose the courses you would take with your advisor and these courses are guaranteed to transfer to 可靠的网赌平台.

If you have any questions about the program, feel free to contact Dr. Holly Wilson or access the National Student Exchange where you can learn about the universities in the consortium which includes universities in the Unites State, Virgin Islands, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

Deadlines for applications vary throughout the year, so contact Dr Holly Wilson as soon as you know you would like to go on exchange.

VISIT National Student Exchange Website

Contact Information

Dr. Holly L. Wilson
Coordinator, National Student Exchange
366 Mulder Hall
P: (318) 473-6583

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